Difference between Yogasana and Physical Exercise as follows..


Main Objective of Yogasana is to develop the body, mind and spirit flowing in perfect harmony with nature and all creations.

The ultimate aim of excercise is to improve overall physical fitness level and health

Yoga stimulates parasympathetic nervous system (Hence relaxing)

Exercise stimulates sympathetic nervous System (Hence Tiring )

The parasympathetic Nervous system activates tranquil functions such as stimulating the secretion of Saliva or Digestive Enzymes into the Stomach

The sympathetic nervous system is involved in the stimulation of activities that prepare the body for action, such as increasing the heart rate,increasing the release of sugar from the liver into the blood

Yoga is anabolic which conserve energy

Exercise is catabolic which is capable of breaking down the energy

Yoga practices slow dynamic movements

Exercise involves rapid forceful movements

Yoga practices reduced muscle tension,progressive movements

Exercise involves increased muscle tension

Low risk of injuring muscles and ligaments

Exercise has a higher risk of injury

Yoga leades to relatively low caloric consumption

Exercise leads to moderate to high caloric consumption

In yoga, energizing (breathing is natural or controlled)

Exercise fatiguing(breathing is taxed)

Yoga is non-competitive, process-oriented

Exercise is commonly competitive,goal-oriented

In yoga, awareness is internal (focus is on breath and the infinite)

In exercise, awareness is external (focus is on reaching the toes, reaching the finish line, etc.)

In yoga there are limitless possibilities for growth in self-awereness

In exercise there is generally no aspect of self awareness

Yoga practices involve the entire body, breath and mind

Intense Exercise often focuses on a specific part of the body

When performing Asanas, Blood goes to the Centre of the body

While During Ecercise the blood goes to the periphery

In yoga muscles receive minimum nutrition and oxygen while the Organs reap the benefit

In exercise the muscles receives the majority of the nutrition and oxygen at the expense of the Organs

In yoga asanas the respiration rate reduces

In physical exercise the respiration rate increases.

In yoga asana parctice the metabolism rate of the body neutralizes

In exercise the metabolism rate of the body increases.

Yoga is not an exercise, but it's a Lifestyle

Health is wealth, Peace of Mind is happiness & yoga Shows the Way